Day 3 in the Big Apple…

Well day three and a half if you include Sunday afternoon.  Too many visits are happening to keep on top of all of them but just a selection from yesterday includes ‘BBH’, ‘ Mendola Illustration Agency’ (30th floor views are the highest of the trip so far). The visits keep coming thick and fast today.

Hannah, Ed, Sarah, Proy, Tashi, Bridget and Joe have just visited American Creative agency Bernstein &Andriulli. Louisa St. Pierre and her colleague Aaron were very generous with their time, spending nearly an hour and a half chatting to the group and reviewing their portfolios. Their insight and advice was incredibly valuable. Students also left with a variety of free promotional books.

More visits tomorrow, including the prestigious illustration journal 3×3. The weather is holding up. Central Park was beautiful this afternoon, while watching a very competitive game of softball. More tomorrow…..

Aaron at B&A reviewing Sarah Goddard's portfolio image


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