Kickstarter hope to fund ‘Silent Quarter’ – Falmouth Alumni Tim Lane’s illustrated short story

Kickstarter is to fund the production and publishing of Falmouth College of Art alumni Tim Lane’s new bookwork Silent Quarter.

Silent Quarter is a short story told through a combination of writing and drawing. The playful structure is most akin to a concept album. It has short written passages that fit together in a loose story arch which are like the ‘lyrics’. The ‘music’ is then provided by the large images that literally ‘open-up’ on fold-out pages and augment the text – lending mood, symbolism and providing time for reflection. The idea is not a fixed narrative but instead something that is open and flexible to the reader. It is a project that Tim has been working on for over two years and exhibits his first foray into writing as part of his artistic practice.

Tim is a contemporary artist living and working in Bristol, UK. Originally from Cheltenham, Tim graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 2004 with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Illustration. Since then he has been exhibiting his paintings and drawings in galleries, most notably in: London, Bristol and San Francisco. The fine art market was a natural progression for him, as it provided a far greater creative freedom enjoyed in terms of style and subject matter. Tim’s degree – in which he concentrated mostly on authorial/ book illustration – helped give his art a rich narrative quality and a concern with character and environment; offering structure to his love for working directly from his imagination as well as strongly encouraging a passion for drawing (which is at the core of all his work).

Tim’s anachronistic style takes strong influence from reading literature, particularly Classic and World Mythologies. The consideration of myth for Tim, provides a multi-layered structure and open narrative that then inspires highly symbolic imagery which seeks to explain the world in a visceral, imaginative, often dark way – but which prompts the viewer to interpret these symbols for themselves.
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You can support Tim’s project by visiting:


Level 2 Berlin Study Visit, Report and Photos 

Earlier in the year 2nd year Falmouth Illustration students travelled to Berlin. Here is an outline of how the week went from Natalie Hayes, our Level 2 Course Co-ordinator…

‘On the Monday of the trip Linda and myself took 20 students to visit the illustrator Sophia Martinek , who spoke at length about her work. She was able to show the students a range of projects, from publishing to editorial and music promotion. It was interesting to hear from her that she doesn’t get much work from Germany, but that she regularly works for British and American publications such as the New York Times. She also spoke about a nine month project where she produced over 100 illustrations for the book ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ by Arthur Conan Doyle, published by Rockport Publishers.

In the evening we went to an Exhibition of the work of Professor Henning Wagenbreth from the University of the Arts Berlin. The exhibition was at Re:Surgo Gallery, which is an independent gallery run by printmakers. Henning spoke to a group of 20+ students about his work, his methods and the large scale production of his screen prints. The gallery also sells beautiful printed books .

On Tuesday afternoon we took a group of 15 students to the independent publisher Reprodukt. They are primarily responsible for publishing graphic novels and comics ranging from serious titles including ‘Irmina’ by Barbara Yelin to translations of books such as the Hilda series, originally published by Flying Eye Books. We met with Klara Gross who spoke to the students at length about the titles, and took many questions from the students about getting work published.

On the Wednesday morning we took 20 students to visit the Illustrator Jacob Hinrichs in his studio. He showed several of his recent projects to the students, including the substantial graphic novel ‘Hans Fallada’. He also spoke of his experiences of working on Editorial projects for a range of clients, including The Guardian and The Times and spoke of the importance of Illustrators valuing themselves by charging fees reflective of the quality of the work and time spent producing the work.

On Wednesday evening all students (37) were the guest of the Illustrator and artist Patrick Thomas who gave an extensive illustrated visual presentation, documenting his journey from the RCA, through to his current practise creating prints, exhibiting and teaching. Highlights included examples of his work for the maverick designer / artist Mariscal and designing logos for the clothing company Desigual.’

Thanks to Natalie, Linda and everyone involved in organising this fantastic trip. Apologies that it has taken longer than intended to get this up on the blog.

100 Posts on this Blog!

WordPress statistics have just informed me that the last posting was the 1ooth one that I have made since I started back in January 2013!

That means 58,290 views and 9,202 visitors!

Thanks to everyone that is following the blog. There are more posts to come in the next few weeks with the upcoming degree show and graduate showcases coming soon after.

Wunderkammer Hot off the Press!

Many of you will know that for the last ten years, Falmouth Illustration has become known for its popular ‘The Illustrated Book of Quotes & Sayings’ publication

What is essentially an illustration source book, ‘The Illustrated Book of Quotes & Sayings’ has proved to be incredibly successful and well recognized in the world of illustration. The book can be found on the desks of all the top illustration agencies, publishers and design companies in New York and London such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Walker Books, Penguin Books, Design Bridge, to name just a few.

This year we felt it was time for a change and have produced more of a magazine style publication re-named as ‘Wunderkammer, our illustrated book of curiosities’.

The concept behind ‘Wunderkammer’ was to create a more magazine style book, rather than the former catalogue, which features not only this years graduates but also celebrates our amazing Alumni. The magazine includes ‘hot picks’ from Alumni published books, industry comments, tips for students, national and international awards and of course this years graduates. The magazine is aimed at students, graduates and industry providing inspiration, advice and tips from experts in the illustration industry.

The magazine is a wonderful celebration of our students and Alumni and such an invaluable promotional tool not only for them, but us as a course during very difficult times for Universities. In July our students take part in D&AD and New Designers, and we will use this opportunity to feature the new magazine, hopefully encouraging the next generation of budding illustrators to come and join us on the course whilst providing support and advice for those who have recently graduated.

Both the staff and students are incredibly proud of the magazine. Many thanks go to Keryn Bibby who did an amazing job on the design and production of the book.

Details on how you can purchase a copy will posted on this blog shortly.

Third YearFalmouth Illustration students begin to put their degree show up

Third year Falmouth illustration students have been putting up their work and submitting their 2nd semester work for assessment a week after returning from London and New York. This is the culmination of three year’s hard work. It’s at this time of year that the studios temporarily transform from the usual vibrant working space into a gallery space to showcase the students output. The teaching staff now have exclusive access while they assess the work after which the students come back later this month to put the finishing touches to their spaces in time for the degree show private view on Friday 3rd June.

1st year students complete ‘Project X’

Earlier this spring 1st year students took part in the annual ‘Project X’ challenge. This project has taken different forms over the last 15-20 years at Falmouth but essentially involves an editorial text being treated as a real life brief. Students have about 3 days to develop a concept, produce full colour artwork and then present it in context. It’s really a slice of reality.
We usually find that the pressure of this exercise often brings the best out of the students and this year was no different with the conceptual strategies that had been delivered earlier in the year being used on a regular basis. ‘Project X’ is presented as an informal competition. The winners are shown here.

New York Study Trip 2016: Final Day

Our final day in New York arrives. What a week! Some fantastic visits have taken place and important contacts made. Our ‘Wunderkammer’ has been working its magic and is now on the shelves of some of the top art directors and designers in the city. There has been real interest in Lizzie Houldsworth’s work from Nobrow’s New York office and it looks like Beth Wheatley has been offered agency representation from Mendola. Many more students have had incredibly useful, critical and supportive feedback during the trip that will allow them to recalibrate their portfolios, hopefully with future trips to London (and New York) in mind. More information from the visits will come to light over the next couple of weeks and I will feed this into future posts.

Thanks very much to Akhran for inviting Sue and myself to see his friend rehearse Shakespeare’s ‘Love’s Labour’s, Lost’ at the Juilliard Performing Arts School (a very prestigious institution) last night. The quality of the acting was phenomenal.

After that it was down to ‘ArtBar’ in Greenwich Village for a final night drink. It was a little too crowded to begin with but eventually we seemed to take over most of the back room. It was good to sit down and reflect on the week (and in fact the whole of the year) over a beer. I have posted some photos from the night. Apologies any ‘red eyes’!

As I write we are just waiting for the coach to arrive to take us to JFK airport. It has been a really successful week and the students have acquitted themselves really well. They have been thoroughly professional in their approach. This has definitely been commented on by art directors. They also now have some fantastics contacts to follow up on and gained huge confidence in their own abilities. The challenge of researching, securing and going on the kind of industry visits that they have had in a place like New York would be a major challenge for an established professional illustrator and so well done to all of them.

Thanks need to go out to all involved in making this trip happen; Mark and Keryn for getting the ball rolling and dealing with the logistics, Jane in Art Admin for liaising with the tour operator and also finance, Study Trips for delivering such a professional trip and Sue Clarke for support in New York during the week.

Until next year…..



New York Study Trip: Day 4

Great feedback is coming in from yesterday’s visits with real interest being shown in the students work with good opportunities to follow up in the near future including the children’s fiction group meeting with Marc Drumwright from Enchanted Lion. He was kind enough to spend 4 hours with students and gave everyone great feedback. 

An added bonus was a meeting at The Invisble Dog Art Center with Oliver Jeffers for Catherine, Jo, Leah, Hannah and Millie. Below are some photos from the day’s visits and also one of the building in the East Village that was photographed for the cover of Led Zeppelin’s iconic ‘Physical Graffiti’ album. Sue and I just stumbled on it when wandering past.

Todays visits include; Henry Holt Books (a young audience imprint of MacMillan Books), Nautilus, Little Brown Books, Pearlfisher Design, Sterling Books, Farrar Straus Giroux and Bullet Proof.

More updates to follow….

New York 2015: Day 3

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So we head off the Famous Brooklyn Diner on west 57th. This is establishment is the real deal with a clientele that includes the likes of film star James Caan. Authentic American food that sets us up for the rest of the day…

Students have visits today with; Mendola Illustration agency! Penguin Books, Clarion/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Plan Sponsor Magazine, JKR Global, Scholastic Publishing and Stranger & Stranger. I will post feedback on the visits and photos as soon as I can.


Amazing Snarky Puppy Gig!

A small group of us have just returned from a truly amazing gig at the York College of Performing Arts. Snarky Puppy are a collective of some of the world’s most talented musicians. Tonight they played a mix of the  jazz fusion that they are known for with some material from their new album. It was a real treat to see them perform in their home town. Thanks to Rachel for sorting the tickets out. You can check them out on You Tube.

More visits tomorrow with more updates….