Visits to Nobrow and The Artworks

Tuesday saw four visits take place. Sue took 10 students to visit Sam Arthur at Nobrow. Nobrow is an increasingly influential independent publisher both within the UK and International market. In recent years its young audience imprint, Flying Eye Books has been drawing attention and has become known for its innovative and brave approach the the young audience market. Nobrow has built a connection with Falmouth illustration over the last couple of years, having published graduates such as Ella Bailey, David Doran and recently to great acclaim, Will Grill whose award winning Flying Eye book, ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ has caught the eye of critics both in the UK and the US and was recently voted into the top ten Childrens Picture Books in the New York Times Book Review.

Nobrow has also, very recently, and very kindly donated a considerable amount of screen printing equipment to Falmouth as part of their studio restructure. Many thanks for that donation Sam and for seeing students who really appreciated the experience.

Sam Arthur at Nobrow

Sam Arthur at Nobrow

Later during the morning Nigel took 10 students to see Artworks Illustration Agency. Artworks are one of the most established agents in London and in our opinion one of the best. Their approach to managing their artists is really professional and their understanding of the industry is second to none. Students learnt an enormous amount from the hour that we spent with Alex and Lucy. Afterwards we were able to squeeze in a visit to a great bookshop round the corner called ‘Material‘. I highly recommend this bookshop. It stocks a treasure trove of the most beautiful books covering most of the visual arts and including a number of Nobrow and Flying Eye books. I couldn’t resist purchasing the Nobrow concertina ‘Swan Lake‘ by Ping Zhu.

photo[1] photo[2]

More reports on visits soon and a report of Wednesday’s Illustration Forum at the LCC…..


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