Final London post from Falmouth Illustration

A level one Illustration trip would not be same without our annual pilgrimage to the Marquiss Cornwallis near Russell Square for an end of week drink to celebrate what has been a great study visit. Pretty much everyone was exhausted after a week of travelling around London but it was good to reflect on the visits that we had and also the previous day’s forum over a beer.

It also gave Nigel the chance to honour his promise to perform some very amateur magic which he duly did (very badly!) in fact he was certainly out performed by the 1st year’s very own prestidigitator Ben Prichard.

It was a great evening and good way to round the week off.

Sue, Liberty and ?

Sue, Liberty and ?

Many thanks to Sue Clarke for organising the study trip. Thanks also go to Rachel Dunn and Linda Scott. Finally thanks to all of the art directors and designers that have up their te to see students, much appreciated.

Anna, Yolande and ? (I think)

Anna, Yolande and ? (I think)

Drawing of Nigel By Zoe Bolt (uncanny!)

Drawing of Nigel By Zoe Bolt (uncanny!)


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