Work on the Illustration studios nears completion

As many of you will know there has been quite a lot of ongoing work on the Illustration studios during the summer. Both MA and BA Illustration courses now occupy the 3 floors of the Fox 2 building at Woodlane. The final stages of this work are almost complete with enormous sliding doors being installed to create partitions between the 1st year and 2nd and 3rd year studios being finished this week. New windows are also close to being installed along the side of the building facing the courtyard. These windows will hopefully bring much needed light into the 1st and 2nd floor studios. Other improvements include the creation of new offices and seminar rooms, breakout spaces and the creation of a new sleek seminar space within the top floor studio. Here are some images of the new walls and windows about to be installed. Photos of the finished studios will be posted soon….


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