BA (Hons) Illustration at Falmouth University

The BA(Hons) Illustration course at University College Falmouth aims to expose students to the diversity of visual communication and encourage them to explore both within and beyond the boundaries of the subject. To these ends it provides for an extensive range of discipline specific and transferable skills.

The course offers flexibility and choice, encouraging students to identify and follow individual pathways. It does not discriminate or support conventional hierarchies of values; there is no house style and looks instead for students to develop intellectual curiosity and aim to become agents of change and innovation. The parameters of illustration practice are broad and to a certain extent porous, overlapping and cognate with other areas of communication such as graphic design, advertising, photography, interactive media and moving image production, journalism, publishing, creative writing and authorship. Where appropriate, the course encourages multi-tasking and the acquisition of transferable and transdisciplinary skills.

Underpinning this diversity, flexibility and choice is an emphasis on professional practice and a recognition of the need for innovation to connect with career opportunities and post-course outcomes. The successful practitioner needs to be independently minded, able to connect and collaborate, and aware of the need to initiate or accommodate change, and the course aims to address all of these. To this end, along with the curricular emphasis on preparing for a wide range of career possibilities, it has extensive links with the creative industries in the UK, Europe and the USA, regularly up-dated through field trips for students at all three levels.

Many former students have made significant achievements in a wide range of contexts both nationally and internationally, with successful careers in the creative, media and communication industries and beyond. This includes freelance illustration practice in London or New York, motion pictures, multi- media and moving image production, advertising, authorship and editorial practice for publishing, design for publishing, children’s book illustration and authorship, gallery work, teaching and post- graduate study.

Members of staff are practising illustrators, designers, visual artists, writers and academics, having national and international profiles. Staff as practitioners bring authority and credibility to the experience and knowledge they communicate to the students. They also ensure connection and interaction with the cutting edge of visual communication practice.


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