Falmouth illustration set up at D&AD New Blood graduate showcase.

Sue and Nigel with help from Mark set up the New Blood show this morning. We had about four hours to get things right. After an initial concern that the boards were put up slightly differently to previous years we were able to get the drop banners hung and looking good. The very heavy presentation boxes were tricky to manoeuvre into place but all came good in the end. The students work looks great on the wall. The photography repro department always excel themselves with incredibly high quality prints that really show off the work at its best. The dummy books that students have produced and are on show are also of a high standard. Sue and myself only had a very quick chance to look around the other stands but there was some great work on display from other illustration courses. Well done to everyone involved. We are looking forward to tonight’s PV and catching up with some students from current previous years.

We are also looking forward to getting over to the New Designers show tomorrow. Mark and Keryn have been working hard on getting this equally important show looking fantastic. It seems amazing that both shows are happening simultaneously but hopefully it means that students can get to both during the week. We are also looking forward to a great private view at Islington (New Designers) on. Wednesday. I will hopefully be able to focus a blog on new Designers shortly.


Sue Clarke checking the final show

Sue Clarke checking the final show

Falmouth BA Illustration  New Blood Show

Falmouth BA Illustration New Blood Show


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