New Designers Private View 2017

The New Designers 2017 show comes to an end later today. Sophie Melissa Walker won one of the main ND awards following in the footsteps of Falmouth Graduate Oscar Mitchell who won the same award last year. She also joins Olivia Healy who was presented with her coveted D&AD Yellow Pencil earlier in the week.

The Private View was well attended with a good number of art directors present. These graduate showcases are an important opportunity for students to start networking with industry. The New Blood event came down yesterday. Lots of interest was expressed by visitors to the Falmouth stand throughout the three days of the show, with the comments book full of business cards and potential contacts. The staff at Falmouth will endeavour to make these contacts available to Falmouth students very soon.

Many thanks to all students and staff that worked extremely hard to make both of these showcases so successful. We now look forward to seeing the students at the graduation ceremony in Falmouth in just under two weeks time…


Falmouth Illustration at both New Blood and New Designers Graduate Showcases 2017

It’s amazing how quickly a year passes. Here we are again in London with the work of our talented illustration graduates of 2017. It has been a big effort on the part of both staff and students to get work ready for both shows but it has been worth it. The work for both shows was driven up from Falmouth on Monday. Both shows were put up on the Tuesday. Although staff are well seasoned in getting the work up on the wall there is still a nervous tension in the air as the clock ticks down to the point where we have to get out and let the judges in. Big thanks go out to Sue Clarke and Nick Mott for the New Blood build while Keryn Bibby, Tilly McKerrow, Francisco Sousa Lobo and Lydia Hopwood focussed on the larger New Designers Show.

The D&AD New Blood Private View took place last night (Tuesday 4th July). As always seems to happen, the weather seemed to improve on the rain that we left in Cornwall resulting in a hot and sticky Truman Brewery. The PV was well attended with a good number of industry people in attendance. As often happens at Private Views the real business of ‘looking’ at work became more difficult as the space got more and more crowded but it became pretty clear that the Falmouth stand was beginning to attract interest from the likes of the Guardian, Dorling Kindersley, Egmont and others and it was great to see the graduates using the knowledge gained over the three years of the course to engage in networking with these potential future clients. Olivia Healy was recognised for her yellow Pencil win while Calum Heath received a coveted ‘one to watch’ sticker on his work. The work looked amazing on the wall with a great array of dummy books in evidence. Thanks to Keryn and Sue for their hard work in designing the drop banners and the books for the show.

While the New Blood show was going up, across town, Keryn, Tilly, Francisco and Lydia were putting up the New Designers show ahead of tonight’s Private View (Wednesday 5th). This is a much bigger show held in the Business Design centre. The Falmouth Graduates have done a great job of preparing their individual boards and this show is also looking amazing. If you are in London then come along to either or both shows and say hello. More photos and news will follow over the next few days…..

Falmouth Illustration at New Blood Graduate Showcase

The D&AD New Blood Graduate Showcase kicked off with its private view last night. Nigel and Sue set the show up earlier in the day in what can only be described as tropical conditions. The Falmouth stand was up and looking good just after lunch giving us a chance to have a look at other stands. The overall standard is very good this year with what seems like more illustration on show than in previous years.

The private View kicked off at 6pm and almost immediately industry clients began to show interest in the work on show by Falmouth students. The contact book has continued to fill up today also. Well done to all the students that attended for their professionalism.

Now we move onto tonight’s New Designers Private View. Mark and Keryn have worked hard to put up a fantastic exhibition at the Business Design Center in Islington. We are all looking forward to catching up with this year’s students one final time. Here are photos from the New Blood PV with more from tonight’s New Designers PV to follow tomorrow….

Falmouth illustration set up at D&AD New Blood graduate showcase.

Sue and Nigel with help from Mark set up the New Blood show this morning. We had about four hours to get things right. After an initial concern that the boards were put up slightly differently to previous years we were able to get the drop banners hung and looking good. The very heavy presentation boxes were tricky to manoeuvre into place but all came good in the end. The students work looks great on the wall. The photography repro department always excel themselves with incredibly high quality prints that really show off the work at its best. The dummy books that students have produced and are on show are also of a high standard. Sue and myself only had a very quick chance to look around the other stands but there was some great work on display from other illustration courses. Well done to everyone involved. We are looking forward to tonight’s PV and catching up with some students from current previous years.

We are also looking forward to getting over to the New Designers show tomorrow. Mark and Keryn have been working hard on getting this equally important show looking fantastic. It seems amazing that both shows are happening simultaneously but hopefully it means that students can get to both during the week. We are also looking forward to a great private view at Islington (New Designers) on. Wednesday. I will hopefully be able to focus a blog on new Designers shortly.


Sue Clarke checking the final show

Sue Clarke checking the final show

Falmouth BA Illustration  New Blood Show

Falmouth BA Illustration New Blood Show

Falmouth Illustration gets ready for New Designers and New Blood 2014

The studios are empty, most work is off the display boards now, hardly any students are to be seen. The distant sound of Wimbledon can be heard through open windows. It can only mean one thing; the lull before the creative storm that is the New Designers and D&AD New Blood graduate showcases. Staff are working hard to get everything ready to be packed away into vans and driven up to the capital on Friday. Watch out London! Falmouth are coming…

Any ex Falmouth students, that want to come along, it would be great to see you…

New Designers 2014:
Business Design Centre, Islington, London N1 oQH
Wednesday 2 – Saturday 5 July 2014
Book your ticket: Email:
Twitter: @NewDesigners 

D&AD New Blood 2014:
Old Spitalfields Market, Brushfield Street, Spitalfields London, E1 6AA
Tuesday 1 – Thursday 3 July 2014
Phone: +44 207 840 1118
Twitter: @DandADNewBlood #NewBlood 

Boxes of Quotes 9 books ready to be loaded

Boxes of Quotes 9 books ready to be loaded