Falmouth Illustration takes part in summer school.

Falmouth university has been hosting workshops this week for A’level students with aview to giving them a insight into what it is like to study at an institution like Falmouth. The illustration department hosted 19 students during a 2 hour workshop in the morning. The session started with an overview of the subject of illustration and review of some professional portfolios. The students asked some really insightful and intelligent questions. We then continued with a  mind mapping exercise before moving onto the classic  ‘Exquisite Corpse’ exercise. This always a fun session but has serious intentions. Through using their mind mapped ideas they were able to develop strong themed solutions. After coffee, the ‘corpses’ were revealed and the morning moved into media experimentation. The session was a lot of fun. We’d like to thank Natalie Hayes for jointly running the session, the student ambassadors for helping out and of course to the students who we hope got something useful out of the experience.

Falmouth summer School 2014

Falmouth summer School 2014

Falmouth summer School 2014

Falmouth summer School 2014


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