Great Visit to Hodder Childrens Books

Hodders Childrens Books

Hodders Childrens Books

Seven Falmouth Illustration students were treated to a fantastic professional practice visit to Hodder Childrens Books this afternoon. After a long walk from Russell Square everyone was feeling a little cold but we got a warm welcome from Emma Layfield who had prepared a presentation of the children’s book publishing process. She outlined what was current popular for Hodder and explained the differences between the UK and US markets. She discussed the close working relationship that they encourage between authors, illustrators and art directors and editors. She also gave a really useful breakdown of the international market particularly in relation to both the Bolgna and Frankfurt book fairs. It was heartening to hear her passion for new and upcoming illustrators and we really want to nurture this relationship with Hodder in the future. After about an hour packed with extremely useful advice we were once again outside in the crisp London evening air but inspired and with plenty to think about.

Students meeting Emma Layfield at Hodder

Students meeting Emma Layfield at Hodder


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