A Busy Time of Year!



Natalie, Nick and students in Berlin 








The last two months have been an incredibly busy time for both staff and students on the BA (Hons) Illustration course at Falmouth. So much has happened since the last proper post when we were in London with the first year of the course.

Aswell as students across all three years were assessed in February at the end of the first semester second years have been away on their study trip week. While a many of our students organised their own trip a good number accompanied Natalie Hayes and Nick Mott on the course’s first ever trip to Berlin, which was great success. This trip included a visit to the University of the Arts Berlin, who were great hosts. Staff and students were also able to meet up with two recent graduates of the course, Beth Walrond and Olivia Meyers who are both enjoying success as freelance illustrator and designer out there. Natalie also was able to meet by chance another ex Falmouth Illustration student called Anders Sommerfeldt who is studying for his MA at the University. Many thanks to Natalie and Nick for organising this trip.


University of The Arts Berlin staff showing Falmouth students the preparations for the upcoming first year show










Martyna Dziekan showing students some of the prints in the collection.










Ex students Beth Walrond & Olivia Meyer in Berlin









The New York trip will soon be upon us. Third year students are beginning to prepare their portfolios in readiness for this amazing opportunity. The Quotes and Sayings Book is almost ready to go to the printers. Keryn Bibby has been working really hard to get what will be the 10th and last edition of the book ready in time for the New York trip.

A couple of weeks ago we were fortunate to be visited by another ex student of the course. Cosei Kawakubo brought a group of his students from Kyoto to visit us. Nick Mott organised a drawing workshop based around the ‘exquisite corpse’ game. A number of our students joined in the morning’s activities which generated some pretty wild and surreal images. The work from last years visit had been bound by hand in a one off book and was presented to Cosei during the morning. A copy of this book will be kept in the glass cabinet in the 2nd year room.

During each blog posting from this point on I hope to be able to showcase examples of student work. Here is the first gallery of student work:



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