Falmouth Illustration Forum

This year’s Falmouth Illustration Forum has been a real success so far with some great speakers having spoken eloquently about their work and on the theme of ‘Hidden Agenda’. Speakers this morning were Dan Fern, Anna Bushan and John Vernon Lord, with Vincent Larkin, Mat Osmond, Mireille Fauchon and Max Porter to come after lunch.

Amazingly the day started with the solar eclipse. Strangely the presentations intermittently referred to both the sun and the moon . Catrin Morgan who is responsible for developing this year’s forum kicked off with a fascinating introduction to the notion of what a ‘hidden Agenda’ might be within an illustrative context. Dan Fern took us through his early influences and onto to his later interest in the natural world and it’s importance on his work. Anna Bushan gave a fascinating deconstruction of her interpretation of Bhagavad Gita for the Folio Society, particularly referencing ideas of meditation and ‘creative flow states’. john Vernon Lord was the final speaker before lunch. John did not disappoint with his entertaining discussion of his recent illustrated version of James Joyce’s ‘Finegans Wake’

We’re all looking forward to this afternoon’s talks after lunch


John Vernon Lord on stage


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