2015 Falmouth Illustration Degree Show Private View Pics

The 2015 Falmouth Illustration degree show private view kicked off last Friday with the Falmouth School of Art student awards. Joseph Cox won the ‘Outstanding Student Achievement’ Award, while Alex McGinn won the ‘Student Contribution’ award. The winners of the 2015 Reportage were also announced during the evening. Runner up was 2nd year Illustration student Piera Cirefice and the winner was 3rd year Illustration student Robyn Stock.

Both 1st and 2nd year exhibitions were for the first time held at the same time as the main degree show. The combination of all three years showing work on the same night made for a great atmosphere. The Private View before long was the busiest that it’s been for a number of years. Thanks to all the students and staff that worked hard to make the evening such a great success. Here are some photos from the night….


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