Visit to Transworld and the Folio Society

Earlier during the day Rachel took a group of students to the Folio Society. This is another much admired publisher for which recent. Falmouth Students have been commissioned, namely Jim Boswell with illustrations for ‘The Drowned World’ and ‘The Traitor’s Purse’. Students were met by Sheri and Raquel who gave a great talk about the company and it’s commissioning process. Students really appreciated being able to peruse through the amazing Folio society library. Many thanks…

Later that morning Sue took students to Transworld. This always is an informative visit and today was no exception. Tranworld is the UK’s leading fiction publisher. Originally founded in 1950 as a mass market publisher. The visit allowed students an opportunity to ask questions about how books are commissioned and projects handled. This is incredibly useful for illustration students. Many thanks to all involved.


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