London Study Visit: Monday’s Visits

The day kicked off with a great visit to Thames & Hudson. Art Directors Anna Ridley and Aaron Hayden spent over an hour talking to students about the process of putting a high quality Children’s Picture Book together. Their talk was hugely informative. Thames & Hudson are fairly new to Young Audience Picture Books but have developed an enviable reputation. Aaron particularly focussed on illustrators needing to have a good knowledge of reprographic processes.

Nick Mott took 5 students to visit Jo Cochran at The Guardian/Observer. The Guardian and Observer have always championed Illustration and it was really refreshing to hear Jo be so positive with students, with possible connections through projects in the future. It was interesting that she chose one our most successful recent graduates, Harriet Lee Merrion to use as a case study when explaining the editorial process to students.

Lipstick of London is an international Illustration Agency that connects a select range of illustrators to clients in a large range of fields such as fashion, advertising, live drawing, and animation. Tilly took 6 students to see this Agency in the morning. Marie-Claire Westover was really generous with her time, sharing her insights into freelance illustration including how to approach self promotion, current trends, working with different clients and the benefits of having an agent.

Because there have been so many visits made this year it has been impossible for tutors to attend every visit. the trip to Scriberia as a result was student led. Scriberia are an slightly unusual left field visit for our students. Their focus in on providing ‘live scribing’ services to industry whether visually recording a conference event or visual problem solving sessions. This is really relevant to our students and by all accounts the visit was a great success. Thanks to the students for managing this visit on their own….

Nick took 8 students to visit the well known children’s book publisher, Simon & Schuster. Art Director Jane Buckley was able to provide really useful insight into the process of putting a Picture Book together.

In the afternoon Nigel took 8 students to see his former agent Bernstein & Andriulli at Borough Market. After a minor panic trying to find their offices, Matthew, Karrie and Sam spent an hour passing on their in-depth knowledge of the industry to students. They talked at length about the need to maintain a level of professionalism when dealing with clients in order to build your reputation as an illustrator that can ‘deliver’. They cited former Falmouth Graduate and B&A artist, David Dorian as the perfect example of this philosophy. Many thanks to Matthew, Sam and Karrie who have also agreed to see a 2nd group of Falmouth Students on Thursday (if they have recovered from their Xmas party!)

Hachette were the next visit of the day. Tilly took a group of students to see art director Sophie Stericker who spent a good amount of time talking about how they work with illustrators and also aoutlined the Carmelite Picture Book prize which Falmouth alumni Riki Sekiguchi won last year.

Nick then travelled over to the other side of the city with a group of 14 students to visit Laura Bird at Egmont. Egmont are a long-standing contact who have provided great insight into the business of Children’s Picture Book publishing. this year was no exception.

Finally at the end of the day Nigel took a group students to see Sara Marafini at Hodder. Hodder produce high quality adult fiction and non fiction books,. The art directors that we saw predominantly focussed on fiction covers. Really interesting discussions about the relationship between text and image and how Illustration functions on a cover were followed by some great questions from the students.

Many thanks to all the art directors and designers involved in today’s visits…..


1st Year Illustration London Study Visit: December 2018

It’s that time of year again when 1st year Falmouth Illustration students descend on London. This year just over 100 students have made the trip to visit art directors and designers at some of the city’s most prestigious publishing and design companies. This year we have managed to arrange more visits than ever before (23 in total) alongside the much anticipated London Illustration Forum. The visits this year are:

Thames & Hudson / The Guardian & Observer / Lipstick of London / Scriberia / Simon & Schuster / Bernstein & Andriulli / Hachette / Egmont Children’s Books / Hodder / Penguin Books / JSR Illustration Agency / Lovers Creative Agency / Handsome Frank Illustration Agency / Pete Fowler / Arena Illustration Agency / Pocko / The Economist & 1843 / Folio Illustration Agency / Usborne / Debut Art / Carlton Books

This year’s Illustration Forum will again be held at The City Literary Institute and will feature talks by former Falmouth Graduate and now successful Children’s author and Illustrator Viviana Schwarz. Also speaking will be renowned Reportage Illustrator Olivier Kugler aswell as prodigious editorial Illustrator Michael Kirkham (Heart Agency)

The following posts will hopefully update you on the visits as they happen throughout the week……