1st Year Illustration London Study Visit: December 2018

It’s that time of year again when 1st year Falmouth Illustration students descend on London. This year just over 100 students have made the trip to visit art directors and designers at some of the city’s most prestigious publishing and design companies. This year we have managed to arrange more visits than ever before (23 in total) alongside the much anticipated London Illustration Forum. The visits this year are:

Thames & Hudson / The Guardian & Observer / Lipstick of London / Scriberia / Simon & Schuster / Bernstein & Andriulli / Hachette / Egmont Children’s Books / Hodder / Penguin Books / JSR Illustration Agency / Lovers Creative Agency / Handsome Frank Illustration Agency / Pete Fowler / Arena Illustration Agency / Pocko / The Economist & 1843 / Folio Illustration Agency / Usborne / Debut Art / Carlton Books

This year’s Illustration Forum will again be held at The City Literary Institute and will feature talks by former Falmouth Graduate and now successful Children’s author and Illustrator Viviana Schwarz. Also speaking will be renowned Reportage Illustrator Olivier Kugler aswell as prodigious editorial Illustrator Michael Kirkham (Heart Agency)

The following posts will hopefully update you on the visits as they happen throughout the week……


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