New York Study Trip: Day 4

Great feedback is coming in from yesterday’s visits with real interest being shown in the students work with good opportunities to follow up in the near future including the children’s fiction group meeting with Marc Drumwright from Enchanted Lion. He was kind enough to spend 4 hours with students and gave everyone great feedback. 

An added bonus was a meeting at The Invisble Dog Art Center with Oliver Jeffers for Catherine, Jo, Leah, Hannah and Millie. Below are some photos from the day’s visits and also one of the building in the East Village that was photographed for the cover of Led Zeppelin’s iconic ‘Physical Graffiti’ album. Sue and I just stumbled on it when wandering past.

Todays visits include; Henry Holt Books (a young audience imprint of MacMillan Books), Nautilus, Little Brown Books, Pearlfisher Design, Sterling Books, Farrar Straus Giroux and Bullet Proof.

More updates to follow….


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