Day One NY 2016

Driving into Manhattan is still as exciting as ever though with huge skyscrapers eventually blocking out the night sky as we approached our destination. After arriving  at the YMCA pretty late (10pm local time, 3am UK time!) most of chose to get some sleep straight away.

Day one involves upto 5 visits. 11am sees students visiting Hard Hat Design. Hardhat is a boutique, award winning, multi-disciplinary creative agency based in Brooklyn. At 3pm students visit Patrick Crotty from PEOW. PEOW is a studio that specialise in comic book publishing and Risograph printing.At 3pm a group of students will visit Chase Design Group. Chase Design Group is a creative agency with offices in California and New York. Then at 5.30pm students visit Vault 49, an award winning New York agency who create branding, advertising, design and art. Its also hoped that some students will be able to visit Nobrow’s NY office subject to confirmation. Good luck to everyone. We hopefully will be able to share images of the visits as and when they come in…


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